Center for Virtual Manufacturing (CeVIP) is founded in 2006, at Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Kragujevac, in scope of the project titled “Virtual Manufacturing Support for Enterprises in Serbia”, financed by EU and managed by European Agency for Reconstruction.

CeVIP has necessary resources for application of innovative technologies of virtual engineering in product and process development. Activities that take place in scope of CeVIP should contribute to increase of capacities at production companies, to introduce new approach to their product and process development, based on application of VM technologies, to broaden the range of offer according to existing market demands and for the Faculty, on one side, to come closer to needs of final users of research results through strategic networking, and on the other side, to commercialize their R&D results.

Through services of innovative product and process development and optimization of process and design solutions for tools, it will be contributed to competitiveness of enterprises in the region, at national and foreign market.

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